Heavy Hand.

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💀 actually did my makeup today, just out of boredom.
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🍊 got my dye on selfie
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Seven hours later, A Car journey, two buses, one train and a sprint, and I am finally back in crawley, night y’all 😴😴
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Just got in from an Eleven hour shift and I really should be getting some sleep, but I’m just too excited to be picking my keys for the new place in 3hours time 😁😁😁😁 #pandaeyes #longnight #feelslikexmas #ilikehastags #yolo
zaper: Congratulations! I wish you two the best moving in together =)

Thanks :)

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After 3years of a long distance relationship, Tuesday I am finally moving into a place with this handsome fella.
Here is a big F You to everyone who said it wouldn’t last.

Room to rent

Double room to rent in a HouseShare
350pcm inc bills
Crawley, close to gatwick airport.
Let me know

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A present to myself, just because.
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